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    A Little Guide for the Perfect Mover presented by Entraide diabétique du Québec

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    Summer is undoubtedly the biggest moving season and, as July 1 approaches, a lot of excitement is felt in Québec households, as it is estimated that 10-12% of moves in the province take place on that date.
    If you’re moving soon, here’s a checklist to help you avoid forgetting anything as you go about the thousand and one things to do in order to get everything ready for the big day.


    As soon as possible, if you haven’t already done so:
    • Request mail forwarding service from Canada Post.
    • Complete address change notifications, especially for your financial institutions, Revenue Canada, Service québécois de changement d’adresse, your employer, your service providers (electricity, telephone, Internet, cable, natural gas, etc.), your children’s school and your health care services.
    • Get a new home insurance policy.
    • Make arrangements for a babysitter to look after your young children, if you have any, in order to avoid accidents during the move.
    • Drop off the small items you want to dispose of (clothes, kitchen items, games, etc.) in a donation bin or call Entraide diabétique du Québec for a home pick-up.

    Three or four days before the move:

    • Finish packing last-minute items, such as closet, kitchen and bathroom items, keeping only the items you will need between now and the move.
    • For each family member, pack a suitcase for the first night in your new apartment or house.
    • Buy food for moving day, preferably cold foods that can be eaten without cutlery or plates (e.g. sandwiches, cold pizza, raw vegetables) and are easily shared.
    • In one or two boxes in the front of your car or truck, put items that you want to keep handy. Take a look at the weather forecast to adjust this list as needed.
      • Bottles of water and snacks
      • Paper towels, gloves and cleaning supplies
      • Broom, bucket and mop
      • Garbage bags
      • Toilet paper
      • First aid kit, including bandages
      • Towels to mop up sweaty foreheads and hands
      • Hand soap and disinfectant
      • Masks
      • Basic tools (tape measure, hammer, drill or screwdriver, pliers)
      • Scissors and a utility knife
    • If need be, prepare a bag for the children that will contain a change of clothes; diapers if necessary; toys to keep them occupied; some snacks and their comfort items.
    • The night before, put cold packs and ice in the freezer to fill the cooler.
    • Enter the phone number of the local pizza restaurant into your cellphone. You never know; it might come in handy!
    The day before the move:
    • Make sure all boxes are identified with the contents and the name of the room where it is to be placed in the new apartment or house.
    • If you are using movers, take pictures of your furniture and appliances in case there is any damage during the move.
    • Call your friends and the movers to make sure they remember the agreed upon time to be there.
    • Fill the cooler with whatever is left in the fridge and then clean it out.
    • Unplug your appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.).

    On moving day:

    • Be ready when the movers and your friends arrive and get to your new home as soon as possible to coordinate the process.
    • Take the time to welcome your family and friends who have volunteered their time and efforts.
    • If you have older children, get them involved by giving them simple tasks to do (sweeping, washing a closet, handling light boxes, etc.).
    • Wait a few hours before plugging in the refrigerator again.
    • Inspect appliances and furniture for damage before signing the mover’s bill.
    • Celebrate the end of the day with a meal and refreshing drinks!
    After the move:
    • Before you begin unpacking the boxes, sweep and mop your new home to remove any dirt left over from the move.
    • Tidy up the children’s room(s) first so they feel comfortable in their new home. Involving them will help them settle in!
    • In the next few days, take a family tour of the neighbourhood by exploring the area on foot to discover its advantages and attractions.
    As you settle in, if you find that you have brought things that you should have given away before your move, don’t forget to contact Entraide diabétique du Québec to donate items in good condition that you realize you don’t want or need.

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