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    All About Eco-Anxiety

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    The future of the planet is on everyone’s lips at the moment and it is obvious that climate change is affecting our daily lives. For many people, the pollution caused by our consumer society makes them feel anxious and powerless. They are said to be suffering from “eco-anxiety”. Find out what this phenomenon consists of and learn about some actions you can take to improve the planet’s fate.

    Are you eco-anxious?
    The term “eco-anxiety” was first coined in the early 2000s. Anxiety, sleep disturbances, unhappiness, sadness and anger are among the symptoms experienced by people who are said to be eco-anxious. Some are discouraged about the future of the planet, while others totally give up on having children. For others, this anxiety affects their career choice. There is no question of working in marketing to sell goods that will end up in the garbage sooner or later.

    Actions as simple as grocery shopping can quickly turn into a nightmare for the eco-anxious. Indeed, when you look at the amount of plastic and packaging, it’s enough to make you dizzy! Young people in particular are the most eco-anxious. As the saying goes, the future belongs to them. But the future is not so rosy, if we believe the scientists. This is why we are witnessing a great mobilization of young people who are making the previous generation aware of being active and interested in a cause that should be the priority of the moment.

    Actions to take in order to save the planet
    Every small gesture counts in the fight against climate change. Indeed, it is all together that we can improve the fate of the planet. If you want to have a real impact on saving the environment, here are some good habits to adopt:

    • Move towards zero waste.
    • Compost.
    • Avoid using single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, water bottles, coffee lids and straws.
    • Turn down the heat in your home.
    • Reduce your water consumption.
    • Buy locally.
    • Donate your old clothes and unused objects to Entraide diabétique du Québec.

    Even if these gestures seem small, they have a real impact on the fate of the planet. Moreover, if you promote them to your friends and family, you will create a ripple effect. Don’t let your anxiety get the better of you. Instead, ask us about actions to take, get involved in the community and in the little things you do every day. Social engagement will do you a world of good through the connections you will develop with other like-minded people. You may contact Entraide diabétique du Québec at any time to plan a collection at home and do something positive for our planet.

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