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    Discover Companies that Give Old Objects a New Lease on Life

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    In this time of global pandemic, we are all being asked to respect social distancing, so it’s of the utmost importance to find some projects to keep our hands and mind busy at home. A decorating project is the perfect example to occupy all the free time that we have. However, it’s also important to think about buying locally, in order to encourage the local economy. Many shops and businesses in the Laurentians value old furniture and old objects. This is a great way to add an original touch to your decor!

    Buy local and pre-owned items in the Laurentians… why not!

    Given the situation we are facing, there is obvious and real enthusiasm for local small businesses. As the Québec population is united, everyone is seeking to make their purchases locally, which provides us—thanks to social networks—with an opportunity to discover many little treasures in the Laurentians. Buying locally is good, but giving a second lease on life to all kinds of furniture and other objects is even better! With the principles of recycling and upcycling becoming increasingly popular, this makes it possible for us to limit unnecessary over-consumption by giving a second life to objects that are witnesses to the past. To do so, we have found 2 eco-responsible companies with online stores to keep an eye on new arrivals in the comfort of your own home.

    Vestige et Co.

    Vestige et Co is a small, eco-responsible design and decoration shop in Prévost. Thanks to their online store, you will find a mix of accessories, items for your home and gift ideas for everyone who is keen on decoration, fashion, flea markets and art! This shop offers its customers local, unique quality products. The perfect place to find a new vintage piece that will add a chic, rustic touch to your home. Visit their website:


    Ré is an online shop with a warehouse, open to the public, located in Saint-Janvier. Its owner salvages, restores and redesigns furniture, often adding a touch of paint to bring it up to date! Specializing in quality vintage and salvaged furniture, this online shop gives you the opportunity to discover finds of outstanding value: new vintage furniture or objects often coming from hotels, estate sales or manufacturers’ liquidations. From tableware to accessories to furniture and lighting fixtures, there’s everything you need to enhance or add distinction to your decor. Discover the world of Suzanne Dufault here:

    Giving old objects a new lease on life, a lifestyle


    Lastisnick is an artist who wishes, through his art, to make people aware of the importance of their consumer actions. He encourages people to cut down on the use of raw materials through circular economy and voluntary simplicity. His creations are original and unique and they make it possible to give old objects and building materials a new lease on life in order to design new ones. Lartisnick showcases his social and environmental mission through artistic installations in Montréal, by organizing conferences on the circular economy and creating unique pieces on request. Visit his website to discover an artist who deserves to be in the limelight:

    At Entraide diabétique du Québec, we greatly value objects that are in good condition in order to give them a second life. What is no longer good for one person can turn out to be a treasure for another. Never underestimate the usefulness of an object when it no longer suits your wants or needs. If you take advantage of this “pause” to carry out a big house-cleaning and decluttering operation, remember to keep the items in good condition that you no longer want and make arrangements to have them picked up at home, when possible. We will greatly need your donations to continue our mission. If you have any questions, please visit our website: or call us at 1-866-313-7800.

    Boîte de don Entraide Diabétique


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