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    Help EDQ by Donating to the Value Village

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    When your clothes or small household items no longer please you, remember that they can really make someone else happy. This is how you can give a second life to your items, while supporting non-profit organizations such as Entraide diabétique du Québec. EDQ has its own red donation bins and does home pick-ups, but did you know that your clothing and small household items brought into 8 Value Village stores also benefit our organization?

    Value Village Stores associated with our mission  

    EDQ’s mission is to raise funds to support the activities of Diabetes Québec. Therefore, with every piece of clothing or small household item in good condition that you bring into one of these Value Village stores, you contribute to the mission of Entraide diabétique du Québec and Diabetes Québec. Moreover, if you were already going there, that benefits the environment, as less CO2 is released into the atmosphere. It’s a win-win situation!

    In addition, you are doing a good deed for the environment by giving a second life to the clothes you donate and those you buy!

    The Value Village : thrift proudTM

    According to Recyc-Québec, each person throws away an average of 24 kg of clothing per year, or approximately 190,000 metric tons of fabric. Moreover, the average person buys 60% more clothes than 15 years ago, while keeping them for only half as long as before1. The mission of the Value Village is therefore to promote reuse and it has been doing so since its first store opened in San Francisco in 1954. Since then, all the stores that have opened have partnered with local non-profit organizations to help fund their programs in the community. The Value Village has also established its own flagship recycling and reuse program to keep tons of reusable items out of landfill sites every year. Like us, the VVS supports the circular economy as well as giving you the opportunity to make unique finds at low prices!

    In short, whether you opt for a donation bin, a home pick-up or bringing your belongings to one of the 8 Value Village stores mentioned above, what’s important is to give a second life to your clothes and items in good condition! If you don’t do it for the cause, at least do it for our beautiful planet (but… for the cause too, that’s cool, because without you, we can’t continue our mission!) The VSS stores don’t accept everything, so check their list before bringing them in (if you are familiar with our list, the VVS’s is very similar). And lastly, when buying second hand, don’t forget to clean your clothes or small household items well; they will then look even better!


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