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Would you like to help us?

There are several ways to do it. You can drop your used clothing into the donation bins available to the public. To find the donation bin nearest you, click here.

If your donation also includes various household items in good condition, you can arrange to have it picked up from your home. For home pick-up, click here.

If you are part of a company, municipal council or institution wishing to establish an occasional collaboration with our organization, click here.

Clothing donations

Clothing donations

We accept all donations of new or outdated clothing.  The clothes you donate must be in good condition as they are to be resold. Clothes with holes, rips or alterations are not accepted.  Contact your municipality for the location of drop-off points for textiles destined for recycling.

Cash Donations

To help Diabète Québec carry out its mission, we invite you to make a donation, either online or by contacting its team directly.

Montreal : 514 259-3422 ext. 227
Outside : 1 800 361-3504 ext. 227

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