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    Minimalism, a Philosophy to be Adopted on an Everyday Basis

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    Nowadays, minimalism is on everyone’s lips. While this movement is often associated with the design of a person’s home, minimalism is actually much more than that. A real way of living that involves all aspects of our lives, this philosophy is the art of streamlining—refining our space—as well as the art of consuming less in order to bring out what is really important.

    People who have adopted the minimalist lifestyle live only with the bare essentials and buy only what they really need. In addition to eliminating all superfluous objects from one’s daily life, this movement helps to clear one’s mind in order to concentrate on the essentials. No more spontaneous shopping or items bought at a discount that you choose mainly because you couldn’t miss out on such a bargain! Here are some simple tips to apply if you want to introduce minimalism into your life…

    Review your consumption habits
    In our consumerist society, buying is a commonplace act that is part of everyday life. We consume to relieve boredom, to console ourselves or to fill a void. Quickly, buying becomes a real addiction, which can be difficult to overcome. Indeed, our family and friends are not surprised to regularly receive small (or large) gifts, often for no reason at all. We are then in a vicious circle that drives us to work harder in order to be able to consume more.

    In adopting the minimalist philosophy, you will have to question yourself about the reasons why you are prompted to consume. Whenever you make a purchase or want to buy an unnecessary item, ask yourself why you want to buy it. This will help you control your desires, so you avoid needlessly cluttering your home.

    Sort out your objects and clothes, piece by piece
    Plan time to sort out your unused clothes and objects. While this may seem like a simple step, it can be long and stressful, especially if you tend to accumulate things. Ask yourself about the usefulness of each object and whether you can do without it. Also ask yourself whether it makes you happy.

    Once these questions have been answered, pile up the objects and clothing you want to dispose of in order to send them to a charity such as Entraide diabétique du Québec. To find out the list of items we accept, check out the Items accepted  section of our website. For items that we don’t take, turn to your city’s eco-centre.

    Refocus on the essentials
    In order to identify what really makes you happy, take a break and write down the essentials of your everyday life. Indeed, a rich and full life is much more than just material things. It is in fact, and above all, a life that is filled with true social relationships, with varied and memorable experiences. Some readings can help you better understand the minimalist movement. Dominique Loreau’s book How to Live More With Less is a good example, while on television, the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, will make you realize that it is the little joys of everyday life that really brighten up life the most.

    Also bear in mind that a refined living space will allow you to feel a certain relief, even a certain liberation. Indeed, you will have less housework to do and sorting out your belongings will be easier when the time comes to do so. It may even allow you to have free time, an all-too-often neglected asset in a society where everyone lives at a frenetic pace and consumes excessively.

    Once you have embarked on a journey of minimalism, it will be difficult for you to turn back. In fact, you will quickly feel calmer and less stressed, while maintaining real relationships with your loved ones. By trying it out, there is a good chance that you will want to convert those around you to your new way of life!

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