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    Now is the Time to Tidy Up!

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    No doubt, it’s already been a few weeks since you completed your spring cleaning. You went through every room and disposed of the items that were cluttering up your space. You really took the time to do things right, as you had time to do so. But now it’s time to tidy up, organize and structure your space in order to make the most of it. You can still maintain your passion for fashion, your shoe collection or the 1,001 little pots in the kitchen; you just need to organize them as best as possible to avoid having your rooms look messy and cluttered. A tidy house gives the impression of a refined home. Here are a few tips to help you.

    Practical tips for organizing your clothes closet

    Liking clothes is not a crime; it’s just a matter of organizing them well and avoiding clutter. We’ve come up with 4 easy steps to help you structure your clothes closet without going crazy.

    1 – Take inventory
    Before you start thinking about organizing your space, take inventory of what you have. If some clothes no longer fit, if you haven’t worn them for more than 2 years or if they remind you of negative situations, think about getting rid of them. Sort and choose what you will keep, sell or give away (keep Entraide diabétique du Québec’s red donation bins in mind).

    2 – Maximize every square centimetre and create storage space where there isn’t any now
    Once your inventory is completed, use every available space in your clothes closet. Too many hangers? Use stacked hangers that allow you to hang your clothes vertically or double your hangers with metal can pull tabs. Too many scarves? Use plastic shower rings to arrange all of them on the same hanger. The floor is crowded with shoes? Use drop-front shoe boxes to stack your shoes without damaging them. You can also use the back of your doors to install a hook or two and then hang various items, like jewelry, shoes, underwear or swimsuits: Don’t hesitate to be creative.

    3 – Put into practice the saying “everything in its place”
    It’s true though, once your clothes closet is tidy, organized and structured to your liking, take a mental picture of your accomplishment and make sure you always keep it that way. When you take something out of your closet, be sure to put it back in its place without postponing it until later. A clothes closet that is kept tidy day by day will always remain tidy, easy to maintain and a pleasure to look at.

    4 – Start early
    It’s never too late to put your clothes closet back in order, whether it’s just arranged to your own taste or worthy of a magazine photo. The sooner you start keeping your space organized, the easier it will be to make it a habit of yours or your offspring.

    And what about the rest?

    Want to know more? A while ago, we shared the Konmari method with you, about the power of organization. In that article, you will find the main principles of decluttering according to Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo. A goldmine of information for those who are enthusiastic about tidying up or those who really want to seriously tackle the task.

    If you feel you’re running out of space, there are a number of tips that can also help you. For example, using a trunk as a coffee table or footrest will allow you to store blankets, cushions or other accessories in an easily accessible way. The same principle applies, as well, to the bedroom, with a platform bed model that allows you to store items in drawers built into the base. Wall-mounted shelves are also lifesavers when it comes to optimizing space, as are built-in shelves. And lastly, sliding doors highly compete with standard doors, as they require almost no space to open and close—a small detail that can make all the difference.

    At Entraide diabetique, we accept all your belongings that are still in good condition and that you want to give away. When you are tidying up, if you feel that some belongings are not needed and are just cluttering up your decor, think about putting them in a donation bin near you. We need them to carry on our mission!

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