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    Reminder of Best Practices for Donating to the EDQ

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    The situation we are facing today is without a doubt an exceptional one that we didn’t expect. It is disrupting our lives, our businesses and our projects, leaving us constantly questioning and searching for solutions. Entraide Diabétique du Québec is no exception to the rule, but we are doing our utmost to pursue our wonderful mission in spite of everything. Here is a reminder of the best practices to enable you to make your donations the right way, because without you, we couldn’t continue to support the activities of Diabète Québec.

    Collections are back on track

    After several months “on hold”, our home pick-up service is slowly resuming its activities in the Laval and Lower Laurentians regions. All you have to do is put your donations in plastic bags to prevent them from getting wet and to clearly identify the bags for easy pick-up. Then, plan a home pick-up by calling the Saint-Jérôme branch and our team will come by to collect your donations of clothing and small items in good condition.

    “Good condition”—an important detail

    Close to the community, our organization promotes important values such as respect, accessibility, professionalism, commitment, courtesy, and also cleanliness. To pursue our mission throughout Quebec, we must keep the spaces around our red donation boxes clean and free of objects. If your donation doesn’t fit in the box, it’s a sign that we may not accept that type of object. Entraide diabétique du Québec accepts only your donations of clothing and small items that are still functional and in good condition, such as: kitchen items, comforters and bedding, sports equipment, curling irons and hair dryers, shoes, vases, etc., to name a few. However, we don’t accept: BBQ’s, computer monitors, furniture, paint cans, tires, blinds, children’s car seats, hazardous materials, etc. See the complete list here of which items are accepted and which are not as well as the list of donation boxes to find the one near you.

    Disposing of your used items at the right place

    Even if it’s not always obvious where to dispose of your used objects, there are a number of places for various types of objects. For example, for electronics that no longer work, such as game consoles, televisions, laptops, cellphones and pagers, etc., you can visit the Serpuariens site and find a lot of information, in addition to their official drop-off points. Moreover, the ecocentres accept many of your used items or waste materials that you can’t put in the municipal bin. Also, there are various textile recycling programs that exist. A quick search on the web will enable you to better dispose of what you don’t want anymore. What’s important is to give your old items to the right organizations and so the best option is always to contact and ask your city, which will be in the best position to refer you to those places.

    Thank you for supporting us in our mission by preparing your donations with care and attention!

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