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    Sort Out Your Belongings Before You Move!

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    When was your last move? Or is it your first? It’s amazing how much we can accumulate in just one year. Moving—even though it is mentally and physically demanding—provides an opportunity to sort through our belongings. Entraide diabétique du Québec gives you 5 good reasons to sort out your belongings to get ready for your move.

    First of all, we mustn’t under-estimate the magnitude of the task. It’s so easy and common to accumulate a lot of clothes and various objects over the years, so when the time comes, stay calm and proceed one step at a time. Before you begin, plan to take the time to keep the essentials in order to reorganize your home for the long term. Moving is just one good reason to finally get started.

    5 reasons to declutter before your move

    All reasons are good ones to do a good sorting out of your belongings, but these five reasons are non-negligible when it comes to a move.

    1. Save time and money
      The first reason is undoubtedly to save time and money. The lighter you move, the greater the savings: fewer boxes, a smaller truck, less time spent by the movers, etc. Sorting out your belongings before you move can save you a lot.
    2. Space
      By decluttering your home, you will gain space in your new environment. You will then realize that you didn’t need that extra room or a bigger basement!
    3. Limit distractions
      Avoiding over-cluttering your living space makes it easier to focus at home and organize your environment in order to make it more efficient, such as when working at home.
    4. Rethink your home to live better
      By choosing to keep only items that make you happy or give you positive memories, you help beautify your future space and feel good there.
    5. Pass on to others
      Moving gives you a chance to make other people happy with items and clothes that you no longer use, but that will be useful to others. A great reason to sort out your belongings!!

    A few tips and tricks

    Sometimes, the pre-moving sorting is emotionally demanding. We advise you to be ruthless and to do a more “drastic” sorting by devoting a few whole days to sorting out your belongings. The gradual packing method doesn’t always work: the proof is that we often have to start over. Being firmer with yourself will enable you to be more efficient.

    Also, imagine your ideal living space and visualize it. Moving gives you the opportunity to “start over” and reorganize your decor to create a cozy little nest that reflects your own style, both aesthetically and practically. Think about it… what kind of interior suits you?

    And lastly, be inspired by the KonMari method (see our article on the subject) and understand your motivations. Do you have to make room for someone, have a more minimalist space, be more relaxed and sleep better? Also avoid getting rid of only what is useless, but keep what makes you happy.

    In short, whatever the reason for decluttering your space before you move, sorting out the clothes and small items you no longer wear or that are stored all around your home gives you a chance to make donations to EDQ. Find the location of an EDQ donation bin or contact us for a home pick-up. You can also read our Little Guide for the Perfect Mover… All the best with your move!

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