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    The ABC’s of Winter Clothing

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    Snow, storms, snow accumulation, cold… These are words that scare some people, but are also warmly welcomed by winter sports lovers. It is well known that to enjoy winter, it’s a must to meet these two criteria: take part in one or more winter sports and, above all, know how to dress well to be comfortable, even in extreme cold! EDQ has put together some expert tips with the ABC’s of Winter Clothing to help you enjoy the winter season to the fullest!

    Tips from the experts

    First and foremost, to have fun in winter, you need to know how to choose the right clothing. It’s not enough to choose warm clothes; you must also select them according to the temperature and the activity involved. Choose synthetic or natural materials that are warm and insulating, but breathable at the same time, especially if you are going to play sports. Here are some tips:

    1. Opt for mittens or mitts over gloves.
      Keeping your fingers all together will help generate more heat and prevent frostbite.
    2. Opt for combinations. Insulated clothing or underwear—also called a base layer or first layer—is really a must for winter sports. Available in a wide variety of models and materials, its purpose is to cling to the body to keep you warm and dry. Perspiration and moisture are the main reasons why you feel cold, even when you are very well dressed.
    3. Choose good socks. Today’s clothing is well adapted to different sports, so you can find socks for skiing, trekking, etc. in big-box or specialized stores. You can also choose more all-purpose socks made of merino wool.
    4. Select a good pair of boots. Once again, choose boots that are adapted to your activity or that are suitable for the majority of activities that you do outdoors. Opt for boots that are tall enough, designed for cold temperatures and water resistant, with a thick, non-slip sole. Remember that the extremities freeze first so it’s important to keep your toes warm and dry to enjoy the winter!
    5. Dress in layers! All outdoor enthusiasts will tell you that in winter, you should dress in layers, so that you can remove one layer if you get too warm. Start with combinations, add a warmer fleece-type mid-layer and on top of that, a coat that is waterproof and windproof. Remember that heat escapes from the body through the extremities, so if you get too warm, remove a layer rather than your tuque or your gloves.
    6. Always carry hand- and foot-warmers, in addition to spares. Moisture is the winter sports person’s worst enemy, so it’s best to have a spare of everything: mittens, socks, tuque and neck warmer or scarf, so you can stay dry at all times. Hot shot hand/foot warmers can help keep your mittens or boots warm, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors longer.

    And for the children?

    For the little kids or the older ones, it’s pretty much the same: kids grow fast, so we quickly have to replace their winter clothing with bigger sizes. First of all, always choose a half-size larger than your child’s actual size and opt for a loose-fitting coat, because your child needs to be able to move comfortably. Also, it’s practical to have room to add a warm vest or sweater underneath. And lastly, choose snow pants that will allow you to turn up the bottom of the pants at least 4 inches, while still reaching your child’s ankles. This way, they should be able to be worn two winters in a row!

    Donate winter clothes in good condition

    Just as a worker needs the right tools to work, human beings need to be well dressed to enjoy the cold season. The winter scenery alone should convince you of the joys of winter, but if it doesn’t, try to rethink the way you dress. For all your clothes in good condition that no longer fit, or when replacing your winter clothing or that of your children, consider donating it to Entraide diabétique du Québec, using the red donation boxes. And don’t forget that the best way to enjoy winter is to stay active and have fun!

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