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    Zero-Waste Lifestyle: 3 Tips for Adopting… and Keeping It!

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    You’ve chosen to embrace the zero-waste philosophy? Congratulations! This lifestyle has many benefits, both for you and for the planet.

    Nevertheless, there will be days when it will seem more difficult to maintain. That’s why we’re sharing 3 tips that will help you continue your efforts while keeping your peace of mind.

    Tip #1: Don’t aim for perfection from the start.

    Like any other situation, you need to give yourself time to ease into these new practices. A transition period is essential to the success of this process.

    Rather than putting pressure on yourself to be perfect, set attainable, quantifiable, gradual goals that you will be willing to support.

    • Attainable: If you want to start hiking in the mountains, you won’t start with Mount Everest! It’s the same thing for the zero-waste lifestyle. Your goals must be adapted to your own reality.

      For example: Opt for reusable make-up remover wipes, but disposable diapers.

    • Quantifiable: A good goal is one that determines the actions to be taken in a concrete way. This makes it easier for you to accomplish it on a daily basis and to stay motivated.

      For example: Make a commitment to eat only one delivery meal per month.

    • Gradual: By choosing a goal that can develop over time, you allow yourself to see what you can achieve without imposing a drastic change on yourself from one day to the next.

      For example: First, buy a large container of yogurt instead of single servings. Then, switch to yogurt in a glass jar. And finally, make your own home-made yogurt!

    You can also get inspired by these 5 habits to adopt on a daily basis for more responsible consumption.

    Tip #2: Resist the urge to throw everything away.

    When you adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, it is only natural that some of the things you used before no longer fit in with your new values.

    You might be tempted to get rid of these “shameful” items to start over in a better way… but this approach is contrary to the anti-waste principle! For example, if you have plastic containers, you don’t need to throw them away to get new glass dishes. Better to use them while they are still functional.

    In fact, if they’re in good condition, we will be happy to take them off your hands! Just schedule a home pick-up or drop them off in one of our donation bins.

    Tip #3: Be kind to others… and to yourself!

    You’ll soon notice that not everyone will have the same level of education or involvement in the environmental cause as you. You are not responsible for educating others. But if you decide to share your knowledge with others, do so at their own pace.

    And lastly, be forgiving and kind to others and to yourself. There will be days when you opt for the simplest option over the most environmentally-friendly one, and that’s okay. Don’t make yourself feel guilty: your well-being comes first.

    Give once, help two causes

    Remember, every donation supports not only the environmental cause, but also the cause of Diabetes Québec.

    All profits generated by the EDQ are donated to Diabetes Québec, a non-profit organization that works to serve people with diabetes by defending their rights, training professionals, raising public awareness and funding research.

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